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This baby sling is:
toddler in a baby sling

  • Easy to Use
    You just slip it over one shoulder and your head, then position your baby comfortably. The unique design allows you to adjust each each side of the sling independently, to provide just the right amount of "tension" needed to support your baby. You can use it in almost any situation with any baby.
toddler in a sling         
newborn in sling
  • Safe to use

    It creates a deep, protective pocket for a young baby and an inviting seat for an older baby. You can safely carry your child up to 35 pounds. There are wide padded edges to cushion your baby as well as a shoulder pad for your comfort.
  •       newborn in a sling
    child wearing child size sling

  • Convenient to use
    By being held so close to you, your baby is easily soothed and cuddled. When your baby then falls asleep, you can slip the sling off and lay your baby down without disturbing her/him. Undo the double rings and your sling can become a clean diaper changing area with a built in pillow (your shoulder pad) to cushion baby's head.
  • child wearing toy sling      

      Sizes available: (Slings are sized according to the wearer)
      Prices in US Dollars
      $25.00 - $55.00 depending on fabric selection and options chosen
    • Small: 100 to 125 pounds, up to 5' 4"
    • Medium: 130 to 170 pounds, 5' 5" - 5' 9"
    • Large: 170 to 200 pounds, 5' 10" tall and over
    • Custom (smaller or larger)

    I also make child sized slings, which seem to be quite popular with my daughter and her friends.

  • Small 2 - 4 years $7.00
  • Large 5 - 8 years $8.00

  • Why use a baby sling?

    Babies that are carried share in all of your daily experiences; and they will have a great view!
    Easy to use, comfortable, lightweight and completely washable. A baby nursing while in a sling
    With a baby sling you have your hands 'free'.
    A baby in a sling is a happy baby, carrying your baby helps to soothe a fussy baby and allows your baby to bond with you.
    It is easy to discreetly nurse with your baby in a sling.
    The weight of your baby is carried on the shoulders and hips, relieving lower back stress.
    It is much easier to pick up on your baby's cues when he/she is in a sling.
    Your baby can be carried in a variety of positions incuding hammock style for newborns, facing in or out as well as straddling your hip.
    The baby sling provides excellent curved support for the spine of newborns and smaller babies.
    flashing star A must for attachment parenting! Makes a great baby shower gift! flashing star


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