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The Very Best Baby Sling Ever! Learning to use a baby sling is an ongoing process. As you find out what positions are comfortable for you and your baby, you will develop your own style. It is best to start using your baby sling right from the start!
To adjust the length of the sling, PULL on the tail end. You will need to be sure to have at least 6 - 8 inches of fabric on the tail end for security reasons...a good handful of fabric. If you don't have enough fabric on the tail end, you need a bigger sling size. How to adjust sketch

By pulling individually on each corner of the tail end, you can adjust the tension on each side of the sling separately to provide just the right amount of support for your baby. Try this first without a baby in the sling so you can see how it works. Pull one corner to see what side it adjusts and then practice. It is harder to adjust the sling with a baby in the sling, pull HARD on each of the corners and keep working with it until the tension is just right.

newborn in a sling image
The above photo shows the best position for newborns and small babies who can't yet sit or hold up their heads. Notice the nice deep pocket which holds your baby very securely and offers gentle "curved" support to properly cradle your baby's spine. This is very similar to the way your baby was held in the womb, and your baby will love it!
Baby in front sketch arrow left The front facing position is good for your younger baby. This is very similar to the previous position, but your baby is rotated forward and is sitting "Indian Style" in the pocket formed by the sling. Please don't try this position until your baby is able to hold his head up. This is great for long walks or for doing light housework. Your baby will love the great view from this position!
Nursing baby image
To nurse your baby in the sling it is easiest to rotate your baby's position so the head is opposite the rings. This allows the sling to support the baby's weight like a hammock. You can pull the edge of the sling up to offer more or less coverage. The sling takes the weight off your arms to allow you to relax and enjoy being with your baby!
    Safety Suggestions:
  • This baby sling is not a restrictive baby carrier and you must always pay attention to your baby and the position he/she is in.
  • MAKE SURE your baby is held securely in the pocket formed by the sling.
  • ALWAYS keep at least one hand free to control your babies movement to keep your baby safe and secure.
  • ALLOW your baby's natural weight to keep him safely in the sling. Don't lift him/her up or hold in a position. where he might fall out the top, bottom, or side of the sling.
  • The only person who can keep your baby safe is YOU!
  • Please be careful and use common sense in the use of this baby sling. You are responsible for the safety of your baby. Please exercise good judgement and always put your baby's safety first.
tummy to tummy sketch arrow right The classic 'tummy to tummy' position is a great way to carry your older baby. To safely carry your baby in this position, you must form a deep 'seat'. Be sure to allow your baby's bottom to settle securely into the seat. The padded edge should come firmly up around the legs. to hold your baby securely in place.
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